Beyond Exercise was conceived with the notion that exercise, Nutrition, Mental Health, rehabilitation, and education can be fused to give anyone the opportunity to stay active, be healthy, recover from injury and pain, and improve their performance in their desired activity.

Elite athletes aren't the only people that deserve elite level care and services.  We want to work with ANYONE looking to stay active or be active, whether it is through physical therapy, personal training, fitness classes, massage therapy, nutrition consultation, stress management, Pilates, or our marathon & half-marathon training program.

We guarantee:

  • expert care with our specialists

  • services customized to your needs

  • friendly atmosphere

  • no-hassle scheduling

  • holistic approach

You'll be an equal partner in the development of your care. You will always know the direction of your plan. We will value your time. Your time in our clinic is precisely that -- YOUR time.

As a client of BE, you will also be patched into our community of partners and affiliates to bring you closer to your end goals.

I started a company looking to change the way physical therapy was accessed and delivered. Not only did I want to rise above the status quo in healthcare but more importantly I wanted to help people live an active, happy life. My company is named Beyond Exercise for this reason. We don’t just rehab you or give you exercises. Rather, we go above and beyond to restore your confidence in your body so that you can live your life beyond expectations.
— Eric Oliver, PT, Founder
Eric Oliver, PT, Founder

Eric Oliver, PT, Founder