Physical Therapy Cost Analysis

Beyond Exercise vs. In-network Providers


If you haven’t read why we don’t accept insurance as reimbursement for our services, please read in detail here.

To paraphrase, though, we want to be able to offer motivated people an opportunity to receive health care services that are not only cost effective but are also of high quality that provide the results that you seek. You don’t pay a co-pay to receive our services. You don’t pay an inflated rate that goes towards a deductible. You just pay for what you get. Simple as that.


BE Informed


Here is a summary of Beyond Exercise’s PT rates:

Initial Evaluation + Treatment: $229

Initial Evaluation Only: $169

Long Follow-up Treatment: $109/session (50-60 minutes)

Short Follow-up Treatment: $79/session (20-30 minutes)


Here is a summary of various IN-NETWORK provider rates who accept insurance:

Keep in mind that this does not include your co-pay. Also keep in mind that if you haven’t met your deductible, you are responsible for paying this rate out of your pocket until you meet your deductible.

ALL physical therapy providers that accept insurance will bill for their services in the following manner and for similar rates, whether it’s a hospital group such as the big three below, a large orthopedic group, or a private practice group:

Initial Evaluation: $400 (Mercy), $341 (TriHealth), $288 (Christ)

Follow-up Treatment (This is cost per 15 minutes of treatment!!): $116 (Mercy), $142 (TriHealth), $144 (Christ), $55 (Oxford Physical Therapy Center). We repeat, these rates are charged PER 15 MINUTES OF TREATMENT!!



TriHealth: file:///Users/ericoliver/Downloads/BethesdaGoodSamMostCommonlyReportedServicesPricesEffective5119.pdf

Christ Hospital:

Learn more about deductibles here: