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Why choose us for your health & fitness goals?

We buck the status quo of physical therapy, healthcare, and fitness by refocusing the attention on YOU.  We don't treat your symptoms; we treat the root cause.  We don't have cookie-cutter rehab and fitness plans; we use your specific needs and goals to build your plan.  We don't waste your time; we respect your time.


“Form the right habits and those habits will form you.”



Chain of Wellness

Our Chain of Wellness describes both our range of services and our team of experts that provide a robust level of support that will allow you to address various aspects of your rehab, fitness, and health goals. At your service, you will have access to some of Cincinnati's very best health and fitness experts in the fields of:

Physical Therapy

Strength and Conditioning

Nutrition Coaching

Pilates Reformer

Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Massage Therapy & Active Release

Run Coaching/Group Training Programs

Bike Fitting/Cyclist Services

News & Upcoming Events


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Marathon/Half-Marathon Training

We offer the most complete training experience in Cincinnati.  We are currently finishing our fall training season, but feel free to test us out by joining one of our Thursday pub runs.  We will start FREE weekly runs on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 and Saturday morning at 8:30 starting in November. We will meet at Beyond Exercise.


Client Success Stories

David's Story:

BE gave me back my life. In April of 2017, I developed a severe case of bursitis in my right hip, pain to the point where I couldn’t even sleep. Before coming to BE I went to an orthopedic doctor who sent me to physical therapy. It improved a little. But it always hurt. I couldn’t run, it hurt to sit down and even drive. This went on for months.


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