Katie Kezele


Certified Post Partum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates Trainer

Katie began teaching Pilates in 2011, and since that time, her passion for the practice has grown immensely as she witnesses her clients improving their strength and posture, obtaining pain-free movement, and reaching their goals. Katie has worked with clients seeking to gain overall strength and flexibility as well as clients recovering from injury.

The breath and correction of breathing patterns are a significant focus of Katie’s Pilates practice. Breathing patterns affect the entire body and are a key component to building a strong foundation while activating the core safely and effectively. As a result, improper breath and abdominal activation can lead to nagging aches, pains, and oftentimes injury.

Katie is also a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. As a mother herself, Katie is deeply passionate about teaching women how to recover from pregnancy and delivery, and safely progress through exercise. Katie works with women who are newly or 20+ years postpartum and believes it’s never too late to address postpartum challenges.

To schedule a session with Katie, please contact her via email at: katie.kezele@gobeyondexercise.com.