Go beyond exercise by going beyond expectations.

We help active adults recover from injury, everyday people jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, and athletes improve their performance.




We buck the status quo of healthcare, wellness, and fitness by refocusing the attention on YOU.  We don't treat your symptoms; we treat the root cause.  We don't have cookie-cutter rehab and fitness plans; we use your specific needs and goals to build your plan.  We don't waste your time; we respect your time.


“Form the right habits and those habits will form you.”


Highlights & Stories 


Race Day Nutrition Coaching

Are you training for an endurance race? Don't let your hard work go to waste on race day by not practicing your fueling strategies. Just as in your sport-specific training you need to gradually integrate your nutrition strategies so that your body is prepared to handle the fuel you give it.
If you want to put as much effort into your nutrition planning as you do with your physical training then schedule a consultation with our registered dietitian, Sarah Wiseman, RD, LDN.


Client Success Stories

David's Story:

BE gave me back my life. In April of 2017, I developed a severe case of bursitis in my right hip, pain to the point where I couldn’t even sleep. Before coming to BE I went to an orthopedic doctor who sent me to physical therapy. It improved a little. But it always hurt. I couldn’t run, it hurt to sit down and even drive. This went on for months.


Strength Training For ALL Endurance Athletes

Join us at Beyond Exercise on Wednesday’s for strength training classes that are programmed to compliment your running, cycling, or triathlon training program. We perform movements and weighted resistance exercises that will help increase your run stride length, cycling power, and swimming efficiency.

Wednesday 6:00am

Wednesday 6:30pm


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