Advanced ACL Rehabilitation

The initial weeks after an ACL repair is dedicated to controlling the pain and swelling, activating muscles with simple exercises, learning how to walk, improving the range of motion, and protecting the knee.  Physical therapy during the first 6-8 weeks is a matter of simple exercises, but once you get past the point of learning how to do basic stretches and simple table exercises your physical therapy needs to get more personalized.  This is a critical time in the rehab process where you need personalized attention to make the most of every treatment session so that by Week 10 you are set up to begin a return-to-run program and you are ready to learn how to hop.

With our Advanced ACL Rehabilitation Program you will undergo a thorough evaluation to determine YOUR current status with:

  1. Range of Motion
  2. Strength
  3. Muscle Activation (Gluteals, Quads, Hamstrings, Core)
  4. Functional Mobility (Squat, Walk, Jump*, Run*)  *dependent on your surgery date and strength/range of motion

After the initial evaluation, your physical therapist will create a customized plan of care to address your deficiencies.  The plan may include hands-on therapy such as joint mobilization and soft tissue manipulation, progressive strength building exercises, movement training, gait training, core strengthening, running, and sport-specific exercises.  If you are not running, yet, we will utilize our AlterG Anti-gravity treadmill to return you to running form. 

Once you are cleared by the physical therapist to perform more advanced strengthening, you will have the option to work with our personal training coaches in concert with the physical therapist.  Once you demonstrate good range of motion, strength, and control of movement you will transition out of therapy and into personal training to prepare you for full return to your sport or life.  Your physical therapist will still maintain contact with your progress to ensure that you stay on track.

By the end of our program with physical therapy and personal training you will accomplish:

  1. full knee range of motion
  2. strong gluteals, hamstrings, quads, core, and back
  3. proper 2-leg and 1-leg squat form
  4. normal single leg balance
  5. normal 2-leg and 1-leg jump control
  6. good lower extremity power
  7. normal walking and running mechanics
  8. good lateral movement and strength
  9. full confidence in your knee