Weightlifter Services

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Weightlifter Movement & Strength Assessment

Our Weightlifter's Movement & Strength Assessment is performed by a physical therapist experienced in Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit.  The assessment will dissect your ability to move your joints, recruit appropriate muscles, create muscular force, and coordinate movement to determine if you have leaks in your biomechanics that can lead to injury and/or performance decrement.


Olympic Weightlifting Technique Coaching with Video Analysis

Our Olympic Weightlifting Technique Coaching with Video Analysis consists of a physical therapist assessing and coaching you on optimal olympic weightlifting form.  We utilize our expertise in biomechanics, injury rehab, and kinesiology to provide a unique coaching perspective in performing Olympic lifts with safe and efficient form. 

You will learn how to optimize your body position, recruit the correct muscles to stabilize your joints, and utilize the proper muscles to maximize your ability to create muscular force.  Putting all of this together will allow you to perform Olympic lifts without pain and with improved performance.