BE Weight Loss Solution

If you’re reading this page we commend you for making a conscious decision to take control of your health. Just like all things with high reward, the process of improving your health and wellness does not come easy. We all wish it did, but the reality is it requires effort, mindfulness, patience, consistency, and guidance.

With so much information out in the world trying to guide you on that path to health and wellness it’s no surprise that navigating that path can be confusing and difficult.

Our BE Weight Loss Solution can be your map to achieving YOUR goal. We will provide guidance in nutrition, exercise, and wellness through our in-house experts.

The BE Weight Loss Solution is a comprehensive approach that takes the thinking out of your journey. All you have to do is commit, show up, and DO the work. Our experts will guide you. They will give you answers when you feel like you have none. They will pick you up when you feel beat down. They will high five you as you climb over the obstacles that are in your way. And they will lift your hand in triumph when you get to the top of your mountain.

What’s included in the BE Weight Loss Solution?

  1. Movement & Strength Assessment by one of our in-house highly skilled orthopedic physical therapists. This will provide the information necessary to build an exercise plan that will not only build muscle but will also allow you to move better with less pain while reducing your risk of injury. We want to mitigate the presence of as many hurdles on your path as possible. Injury can significantly sideline your journey to health, and we want to prevent that trap from springing up on you.

  2. Initial Nutrition Consultation with our in-house registered dietitian. Our registered dietitian, Sarah Wiseman, will get to know you, your goals, and your barriers in order to formulate a plan that will fuel your journey. She’s not only intelligent, but she’s a kick-ass and kind person. Oh, and she has the aspiration to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials in the track event of high jumping. If you want someone in your corner who understands the value of process, focus, hard work, consistency, ups, and downs then who best to help guide you than someone who is also on a journey to the top of her own mountain.

  3. Three Nutrition Follow-up Sessions with Sarah. Did we mention that she’s our IN-HOUSE dietitian? This means she will be communicating with the physical therapist and personal trainers on an as needed basis. She will understand their plan, and they will understand her plan.

  4. 16 Private Personal Training Sessions with our awesome team of strength and conditioning coaches. They will take the movement and strength assessment information provided to them by the physical therapist to create your exercise plan. This plan will create a foundation rooted in correct movement patterns, appropriate muscle activation, and optimal muscle conditioning. It is from this foundation that you will build strength, and it is this process in building strength along with your nutrition plan that will yield the weight loss. The benefit of our comprehensive approach is that you will not only lose weight, but you will also become stronger and more conditioned to tackle both everyday life tasks as well as life adventures more easily than your current capabilities. We believe your potential is always greater than what it is now.

  5. One 90-minute Sports Massage, because you know you want one, and we know you need one. You also get 10% off all massages for 6 months from your initial purchase of the BE Weight Loss Solution.

Value of all the services above: $1550+

Your cost of the BE Weight Loss Solution: $1400

You may purchase additional sessions beyond what is provided in the BE Prenatal Solution package on an as needed basis.