Nutrition Coaching

Making changes to your eating habits and implementing them as part of your daily routine is easier with support.

How can you benefit from working with our in-house dietitian?

  • Reduce recovery time after surgery, illness, or injury

  • Prevent injury

  • Manage body weight and body composition (gain muscle mass, reduce body fat)

  • Improve fitness levels and enhance athletic performance

  • Develop personalized nutrition strategies to complement annual preparation, competition, and off -season plans

  • Reduce inflammation to help speed recovery in between workouts and after competitions

  • Gain muscular strength and power

  • Increase stamina and endurance

  • Develop custom strategies for what to eat before, during, and after training and competition

  • Address gastrointestinal problems

  • Address chronic fatigue and lack of energy

  • Address food allergies, sensitivities, or a medical condition (diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, compromised bone health, iron deficiency, etc)

What to expect:

  • You will begin with a detailed evaluation of your current eating pattern and habits

  • You will receive a tailored nutrition plan that will allow you to reach your ideal body composition and performance goals

  • If you are an athlete, you will learn how fuel intake supports your training program

    • You will receive guidance in pre-, during, and post-training/competition nutrition

  • You will receive tailored eating strategies and personalized meal plans for optimal results and health

  • Accountability, motivation, and encouragement that you are capable of amazing things.


The First Step:  Initial Consultation


  • This first step involves a 30-45 minute consultation that consists of a comprehensive nutrition assessment that focuses on your nutrition and exercise habits, medical history, weight history, and current lifestyle behaviors. We will build on that assessment to set goals, formulate an action plan, and focus on sending you home with resources for implementing changes.


  • This option is for those people looking for extra guidance, time, and communication with the dietitian, or you have a condition that requires extra attention. This consultation could last 45-60 minutes. More extensive review of your eating habits and physical demands will be performed. You will receive a detailed plan after this initial visit.

  • This type of consultation is ideal for people who want to:

  1. Overcome an eating disorder

  2. Improve their sports performance throughout a season or training block

  3. Lose weight

  4. Managing special dietary needs due to disease or inflammation


  • If you are an endurance athlete looking to nail down your race day/long training day nutrition strategy then consider this service option. (This is NOT a comprehensive fueling strategy for your block of training. You will need to schedule a Specialized Nutrition Consultation in order to get a more robust meal plan during recovery days, workout days, and race days).

  • It is important to learn these strategies in the early phases of your training so you can practice executing them during your training period.  Follow-up visits may be scheduled with the dietitian in order to fine tune your race day fueling strategy.

  • The appointment will last ~30 minutes with the registered dietitian.  You will then receive a plan customized to your needs.

The Next Step: Check-in Sessions


Check-in sessions will serve to review your goals and implementation of the strategies to ensure that you're on track to making the changes you desire.  You will then receive updates to your plan of action.

You have the option of continuing with Sarah’s help with as many Check-in Sessions as you would like.  

These Check-in Sessions can be scheduled as an in-person consultation, phone consultation, or video consultation.

$55 short check-in | $80 long check-in


Specialized Nutrition Package

The Specialized Nutrition Package includes our Specialized Nutrition Consultation and six 30-minute Check-in Sessions. People looking for extra time, guidance, and communication will benefit from a more detailed plan and communication structure with our registered dietitian. This type of plan can be appropriate for you if your objective is to:

  1. Overcome an eating disorder

  2. Improve your sports performance throughout a season or training block

  3. Weight loss

  4. Managing special dietary needs due to disease or inflammation

    Package Price: $550

Comprehensive Weight Loss Package

Click here to learn about our Comprehensive Weight Loss Package


Do you have questions?  

Contact the registered dietitian directly via email:

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