Specialty Services

Runner’s Services

Run Form Form Coaching w/ Video Analysis $150 (60 minutes)

Runner’s Movement & Strength Assessment $175 (60 minutes)

The objective of our running services is to identify strength deficits, mobility inefficiencies, flexibility issues, and mechanical running flaws that may be the source of pain, lead to injury, or reduce your running efficiency.  Correcting these flaws can lead to faster run paces, pain-relief, uninterrupted training from injury, and a big smile on your face while running.  These services are for any runner looking to: 

  • recover from an injury

  • prevent injuries from occurring

  • find answers to nagging or recurring injuries

  • improve performance

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Cyclist’s Services

Cyclist’s Movement & Strength Assessment $175 (60 minutes) Available NOW

Bike Fitting Assessment + Form Coaching $200 (90 minutes) Available December 2018

Your bike will always respond to how your body moves, and your body will respond to how you position yourself on your bike.  If you want to reduce your risk of injury and improve your cycling performance, these are the services from which to rebuild your body, learn to transfer force efficiently through the bike, and comfortably optimize your posture on the bike.