Solutions for the athlete.

You push yourself to be your best, but gains can be hard to come by.

You put in the work but the results aren’t there. You feel stuck.

And if you can’t make progress you’ll fall behind and your goals will be out of reach.

At Beyond Exercise, we believe in approaching our solutions for your problems in a way that is no different than how a Team USA athlete will receive support at the US Olympic Training Center. We accomplish this with our multi-disciplinary team of specialists that can support every aspect of your health and fitness.

Our suite of services is no different than what Team USA athletes have access to at their training centers. Our specialists range from the world of injury rehab and prevention, nutrition, muscle recovery, strength & conditioning, and behavioral science. Use any combination of services that fit your needs and budget. To help you take the leap in investing in yourself we will discount your first bundle of services by 10% if you purchase two or more of our services at your first visit.


Movement & Strength Testing

All athletes need to move efficiently in a coordinated manner while recruiting the appropriate muscles. Many athletes, though, rely on their general athleticism to make up for deficiencies in their movement and strength. This reliance can serve the athlete well for a period of time, but many times it can be at the expense of the athlete’s musculoskeletal health and/or performance. Our comprehensive performance assessments will identify leaks in your movement and strength that, when addressed, will boost your strength, speed, agility, and athletic resiliency. Learn about our movement and strength testing.


Strength & Conditioning training

Our strength and conditioning program has produced athletes that turn heads when a new season starts. Coaches see the improvements in our athletes’ speed, athleticism, strength, power, endurance, and agility during practice and competitions. Our athletes become more resilient and don’t get hurt as often. This allows them to train more consistently. Consistent training leads to improved athletic performance. Improved athletic performance leads to our athletes making the starting roster, becoming leaders, setting personal records, winning races, and gaining scholarships. Our athletes’ lives change for the better when they buy into our process and put the work into it. Learn more about our different strength & conditioning options.


Nutrition counseling

A high performance sports car is ineffective in training and racing when it doesn’t have the right fuel. Our athlete’s bodies are no different. If you don’t want your hard work to go to waste you need to learn to fuel your body properly. Optimizing your fueling strategy before, during, and after training and competition will facilitate your performance and recovery. You can learn your specific needs through one-on-one coaching by our in-house registered dietitian. Learn more about our nutrition counseling services.


Behavioral health counseling

Our ability to impact our health and wellness-related goals relies heavily upon our habits, attitudes, and patterns of behavior. You’ll meet for an initial evaluation with Dr. Ashley Solomon in which you’ll review barriers to achieving your personal health goals and develop concrete solutions to improve the likelihood of success. Addressing behavioral changes and establishing the right support often makes the difference between the outcomes you wish for and the outcomes you achieve. Learn more about our behavioral health counseling services.



Massage will complement any type of athlete’s training regimen. We offer various types of massages that are appropriate for different times of your training block. Massage will improve blood flow to your muscle tissue, manage myofascial adhesions and scar tissue, and loosen soft tissue to allow for easier mobility. Massage will complement your strength training and sport-specific training no different than regular car maintenance will prepare a race car for performance. Learn more about our massage services.