Solutions for the active adult.

You love being active, but ever since your injury it’s been a struggle to get back to the place you were.

Other therapies have failed you, and the prognosis isn’t giving you much hope that progress will ever come.

If something doesn’t change you may have to give up the activities you’ve grown to love.

At Beyond Exercise, we believe that everyone is an athlete.  Athleticism is required for all daily activities, and we believe in approaching your physical rehab process just as a high performance athlete would be treated after sustaining an injury. We accomplish this through a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who will address the different aspects of healing and recovery so that you can efficiently return to your active lifestyle free from restrictions and pain.

Our suite of services is no different than what Olympic athletes have access to at their training centers. Our specialists range from the world of injury rehab and prevention, nutrition, muscle recovery, strength & conditioning, and behavioral science. Use any combination of services that fit your needs and budget. To help you take the leap in investing in yourself we will discount your first bundle of services by 10% if you purchase two or more of our services at your first visit.

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Physical Therapy

One of our physical therapists will perform a thorough evaluation to identify the source of your symptoms and the root cause that led to your symptoms. Your treatment plan will be clearly communicated to you so that you have an understanding of the roadmap that will return you to your active lifestyle. You will receive treatment in a one-on-one setting in which your time is respected and not divided with another patient. Our treatments will progress from hands-on correction of any biomechanical dysfunctions and tissue tightness/restrictions before progressing to corrective exercises. Progression through our rehab program leads to a more advanced exercise program that continues to build from your newfound foundation of movement and strength. Our rehab programs will never be stagnant. As you evolve, so will our rehab program. Learn about our physical therapy specialties.


Strength & Conditioning training

As you evolve through our rehab program you will qualify for entering our strength & conditioning program. This program will safely ramp you up into a more challenging and fitness-based exercise regimen that will build off the foundation that was laid in physical therapy. Your physical therapist and trainer will communicate to ensure that you are progressing in the correct areas and in a safe manner. Learn more about our different strength & conditioning options.


Nutrition counseling

The food that you eat may affect how efficiently you recover from an injury. Additionally, certain foods are known to be catalysts of inflammation. Managing inflammation and promoting tissue repair through optimal nutrition can expedite your recovery from an injury. You can learn your specific needs through one-on-one coaching by our in-house registered dietitian. Learn more about our nutrition counseling services.


Behavioral health counseling

Our ability to impact our health and wellness-related goals relies heavily upon our habits, attitudes, and patterns of behavior. You’ll meet for an initial evaluation with Dr. Ashley Solomon in which you’ll review barriers to achieving your personal health goals and develop concrete solutions to improve the likelihood of success. Addressing behavioral changes and establishing the right support often makes the difference between the outcomes you wish for and the outcomes you achieve. Learn more about our behavioral health counseling services.



As your rehab process evolves massages can be a good compliment to your treatments as well as a bridge to managing tissue tightness as you progress away from physical therapy treatments. Massage will help with blood flow to the injured tissue, manage myofascial adhesions and scar tissue, and loosen soft tissue to allow for easier joint mobility. Learn more about our massage services.