Solutions for the everyday person.

You’re ready for a change — to make some much needed steps toward healthy living.

But health and wellness is complicated and there’s a lot of conflicting advice. How do you know what will work for you?

At the end of the day the clock is ticking and every failed attempt puts feeling better further out of reach.

At Beyond Exercise, we believe that elite athletes shouldn’t be the only people to have access to a team of specialists supporting their goals. Beyond Exercise exists to support anyone and everyone with a goal to live a healthy lifestyle. We understand that climbing YOUR own mountain is no more challenging than an elite athlete climbing theirs, and so our team of specialists will be your guides and support during your journey. If you have the will then we have the way.

Our suite of services is no different than what Olympic athletes have access to at their training centers. Our specialists range from the world of injury rehab and prevention, nutrition, muscle recovery, strength & conditioning, and behavioral science. Use any combination of services that fit your needs and budget. To help you take the leap in investing in yourself we will discount your first bundle of services by 10% if you purchase two or more of our services at your first visit.


Movement & Strength Assessment

One of our physical therapists will evaluate your ability to move your joints, engage your muscles, develop muscle force, and coordinate your movements. It is important to identify deficiencies in your movement in order to reduce your risk of developing a musculoskeletal injury, and it will help drive the development of your fitness routine so as to safely and appropriately guide you with your physical exercise. Learn more about our movement & strength assessments.


Nutrition counseling

Making changes to your eating habits and implementing them as part of your daily routine is easier with support. Coaching will be provided by our in-house registered dietitian. She will get to know you, your goals, and your barriers in order to formulate a plan that will fuel your journey. Learn more about our nutrition counseling services.


fitness training

We provide varying levels of fitness training. We fuse the professionalism of a high performance training center, but with a family-oriented and warm atmosphere. Our providers are experienced in working will all people in different stages of their fitness journey. You will not be intimidated, we promise. Learn more about our different fitness training options.


Behavioral health counseling

Our ability to impact our health and wellness-related goals relies heavily upon our habits, attitudes, and patterns of behavior. You’ll meet for an initial evaluation with Dr. Ashley Solomon in which you’ll review barriers to achieving your personal health goals and develop concrete solutions to improve the likelihood of success. Addressing behavioral changes and establishing the right support often makes the difference between the outcomes you wish for and the outcomes you achieve. Learn more about our behavioral health counseling services.



Our bodies need TLC every now and then. Stress levels go down, relaxation and recovery take place, and general happiness in doing something for yourself that feels good will be a result. Massage will compliment your fitness training and stress reduction. Learn more about our massage services.