Runner Services

Performed by our running specialists/PT’s.

Performed by our running specialists/PT’s.

Runner Movement & Strength Assessment

The objective of this service is to identify strength deficits, mobility inefficiencies, flexibility issues, and movement coordination flaws that may be the source of pain, lead to injury, or reduce your running efficiency.  Correcting these flaws can lead to faster run paces, pain-relief, uninterrupted training from injury, and a big smile on your face while running.

Immediately after testing, you will receive custom and specific corrective exercises and treatment recommendations that will accurately address your deficiencies.

Before vs. After

Before vs. After

Run Form Coaching w/ Video Analysis

Your running form will be analyzed with slow motion video analysis. This analysis will identify inefficiencies in your running form that can lead to injury and restrict your running efficiency and speed.

This service visit consists of:

  1. Video analysis of your running

  2. Personalized run mechanics coaching

  3. Drill instruction


Neither of these services is a treatment session for an injury. If you have an existing injury, you must schedule one of our physical therapy New Injury evaluation options.

Every year I would develop hip and thigh injuries towards the middle of the training year. Ever since starting my work with Eric in 2015 I was able to PR my half-marathon and marathon time and qualify for the 2016 US Olympic Marathon Trials, all within 9 1/2 months. He improved my running mechanics, treated my aches, and made me a stronger, more resilient runner with his comprehensive strength training program. This gain in strength allowed me to better tolerate my coach’s training program and make the most out of those workouts.
— Amy Robillard, 5-time Flying Pig Winner, 2016 USA Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier