BE Prenatal Solution

Dear Expecting Mothers,

You’re looking to find solutions to both take care of your body (and sanity) while also preparing your body for post-baby, but you are overwhelmed with all the options out there…right? You’re definitely not alone.

BE has four employees with recently young families, and the wife of BE’s founder is currently preparing for the birth of their second child. We know the frustration of prioritizing dedicated time to take care of yourself outside of both taking care of the bun in the oven AND your daily responsibilities. The last thing you tend to allocate time to is yourself, ESPECIALLY when you don’t have the energy to figure out which path you need to take.

Our answer for your problem is our BE Prenatal Solution.

Many of our specialists are also mothers. They’ve been there, done that. They combine their personal experience + their technical expertise to give you the solution you’re looking for—guidance in taking care of your core/back/pelvic floor; maintaining strength and lean muscle; properly nourishing your body/baby; helping to mitigate back pain; and setting you up for a relatively easier transition after birth.

The BE Prenatal Solution includes:

  1. Movement, Strength, Back, Pelvis, Core Assessment by our physical therapist, who is also a mother of a two and four year old. Our in-house physical therapist will evaluate your current musculoskeletal condition to better guide the steps in working with our Prenatal Corrective Exercise specialist and personal trainers. If you need further physical therapy treatment to address any special symptoms before you start the exercise program, you can schedule further follow-up sessions with her.

  2. Initial Nutrition Consultation with our in-house registered dietitian. Our in-house registered dietitian will get to know you, your current nutrition plan, and any special considerations in order to best guide you through your pregnancy.

  3. One Nutrition Follow-up session to discuss implementation of the coaching strategies that were set after the initial nutrition consultation. Your plan will be adjusted as necessary.

  4. Prenatal Corrective Exercise Initial Consultation with our in-house corrective exercise specialist who is also the mother of a three and five year old. This initial visit will focus on assessing your ability to perform various exercises directed at activating your pelvic floor, core, back, and hip muscles. Your ability to move with appropriate posture will also be assessed. This initial consultation along with the information from the physical therapist will drive specifics of the corrective exercise program.

  5. 10 Prenatal Corrective Exercise Sessions These are one-on-one exercise sessions led by our in-house specialist.

  6. 5 Private Personal Training Sessions Once you have a firm grasp of how to coordinate the activation of your pelvic floor/core/back/gluteals during all forms of movement then you can transition into our personal training gym. This transition will allow you to build on the foundation developed from physical therapy and corrective exercises to perform more advanced exercises that will safely challenge your body so that you can build and maintain strength and lean muscle mass. This type of training will allow you to carry that baby bump with less strain to your back and abdominals as you progress through your pregnancy.

Value of all the services above: $1500+

Your cost for the BE Prenatal Solution: $1400

You may purchase additional sessions beyond what is provided in the BE Prenatal Solution package on an as needed basis.