Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Our postpartum corrective exercise program is designed to help you recover from pregnancy and delivery, regardless if you are newly postpartum or 20+ years postpartum. This program will safely progress you through exercise that will allow you to reconnect and control your body. Your private one-on-one sessions will be guided by Katie, our certified postpartum corrective exercise specialist.

Our postpartum program starts with an initial appointment with Katie to get to know you and your goals. You will be introduced to the methodology and equipment utilized during your sessions. Correcting dysfunctions after giving birth requires time, consistency, and commitment so after your initial visit you will have the option to purchase a 4-pack or 12-pack of postpartum sessions. Your sessions will be accompanied with home exercises to further facilitate the corrections guided by Katie during your private session.

Postpartum corrective exercise sessions are by appointment only. Contact an instructor below to take control of your body.

Katie Kezele


Initial Postpartum Session: $80

4-Pack Postpartum Exercise Session: $270

12-Pack Postpartum Exercise Session: $820


Postpartum Core and Pelvic Floor Class

The Postpartum Core and Pelvic Floor Class is a full body workout combining Pilates based movement with exercises utilizing resistance bands, light weights, and exercise balls. This class focuses on incorporating optimal breathing patterns into movements that address proper posture and improved pelvic floor strength.

This class is intended for women who have “graduated” from one-on-one sessions with our postpartum specialist yet would like to continue focusing on building and maintaining a strong core and pelvic floor foundation.