Movement 101:  Developing The Student Athlete

This pre-designed training program focuses on developing coordinated, healthy movement patterns that will optimize an athlete's ability to create force, power, and elastic strength.

A common problem seen with student athletes in their weight training regimen is their inability to stabilize and control their body while lifting weights in the gym.  This is an issue because weightlifting in this manner can lead to injury and lessen the effectiveness of the workout.  Our Movement 101 program helps to solve these issues. 


In our program the athlete will learn the foundational principles of stabilizing the body, coordinating movement, and breathing correctly during various movement patterns--squat, hip hinge, plank, pull-up, twisting, single leg squat, lunge, side lunge, row, press, etc.  The athlete will then build off of these foundational principles and learn how to recruit the correct muscle groups in the correct sequence in order to move against resistance in pulling or pushing weights.  Once the athlete learns how to correctly move against resistance, he/she will progress to creating more muscle force by moving against greater resistance. 

Once the athlete can control common athletic movement patterns against high resistance, the athlete can graduate to a more advanced strength training program.  This will ultimately lead to the athlete being able to work on power and elastic strength to run faster, jump higher, throw further and faster, and hit harder--all of which will lead to improved performance in their sport as well as lessen the risk of injury.

Our Movement 101 program is perfect for the student athlete who:

  • doesn't know how to weightlift
  • is coming off an injury and is ready to progress beyond a rehab program
  • is in their off-season
  • has gotten hurt strength training on their own or at school
  • who cannot correctly perform a pull-up, squat, hip hinge, side lunge, or steadily hold a plank with their opposite arm and leg in the air

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