Carmel win.jpg

Laurah Lukin

Favorite Junk Food

Tostitos Tortilla Chips, Hint of Lime

Favorite "pump me up" Song

The Killers - All These Things That I've Done

The Athlete You'd Like To Meet The Most 

Lauren Fleshman

Favorite Non-sport Activity

Cycling with my husband or swimming with my daughter

Favorite Run Workout

20 X 400 on the track

Race Highlights


Carmel Marathon, Carmel IN; 3:02 - 1st overall female (PR)


Mill Race Marathon, Columbus IN; - 1st overall female

Heart Mini-Marathon, Cincinnati OH; 1:30:01 - 10th overall female

Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH; 3:15:22 - 14th overall female

Little Miami Half Marathon, Morrow OH; 1:33:02, 5th overall female

Night Glow Half Marathon, Hamilton OH; 1:29:20 - 1st overall female


Little Miami Half Marathon--2nd Place (1:29:33)

Mill Race Marathon--2nd Place (3:13:15)

Queen Bee Half Marathon--3rd Place (1:32:12)

2015 - 2016

Sabbatical from racing to start a family.


Purdue Boilermaker Half Marathon (Elite Category)- West Lafayette, IN--1st Female

Yolo Festival of Races 15K, Greenville, OH--1st place (Overall male and female)

Super Underwear Run 10K, Dayton, OH--1st Female

Queen Bee Half Marathon, Cincinnati, OH--2nd Female

Mill Race Marathon, Columbus, IN--3rd Female

Barnyard Dash 10k ­ Starlight, IN--4th Female

Carmel Half Marathon (Elite Category) ­ Carmel, IN--5th Female

Mercy Health Partners Heart Mini Marathon ­ Cincinnati, OH--5th Female

Cleveland Marathon (Elite Category) ­ Cleveland, OH--9th Female

Heart Half-Marathon, Cincinnati, OH--4th Female

Anthem 5K, Louisville, KY [This is Laurah's debut race in the "Elite" category]--10th Female