Injury Prevention & Performance Testing


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Movement & Strength Testing

Our battery of movement, strength, and motor coordination tests help us to get a more complete picture of how you move. After identifying your flaws in movement, flexibility, strength, muscle activation, and coordination we are able to recommend a program of corrective exercises that will shore up the chinks in your armor. It is from this corrective exercise program that a well-rounded strength and conditioning program can be developed to make you fitter, stronger, faster, durable, and more confident. This testing is appropriate for ANYONE not dealing with a current injury—runners, dancers, field sports athletes, triathletes, weightlifters, cyclists, walkers, yogis, frisbee golfers, gardeners…anyone who wants to be active.

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ACL Injury Prevention Testing

Our ACL injury prevention-specific tests will identify risk factors that make an athlete more vulnerable to experiencing an ACL injury. After we identify these risk factors we will educate the athlete in how to correct for them. The athlete will have the option of performing the corrective exercises on their own and/or enter our personal training program to receive specific guidance by one of our movement and strength coaches.


AcL Return-to-Sport Testing

There is a high incidence of re-injury of an ACL after completing a rehab program. Just because your surgery went well, you met your PT strength goals, and you have full range of motion it doesn’t mean that you’re ready to return to playing your sport. More thorough biomechanical testing must happen in order to see if the athlete is truly ready to return to play. We will perform a battery of tests using our Optogait system to gather objective data along with slow motion video capture. We will be able to objectively measure for deficits and differentials in proprioception, jump power, reaction timing, jump hight, and dynamic knee control. If you exhibit results that put you at risk of re-injuring your knee, you will be referred to a corrective exercise program.


Run testing & Form Coaching

Our Optogait system utilizes hundreds of laser lights to measure how your foot interacts with the treadmill. This system allows us to capture your walking and running with a high speed camera and extrapolate objectively measured data such as your step length, stride length, flight time, foot contact time, and other biomechanically geeky stuff that allows us to get a complete picture of what your body is doing while walking and running. This data then allows us to best guide you in how to make changes that will improve your walking and running efficiency, reduce your risk of injury, or rehab from injury.


Bike Fit & Form Coaching

A doctor of physical therapy trained in the biomechanics of cycling, injury prevention, injury rehab, and cycling performance will assess your body’s ability to move on your bike. We will come up with real solutions that will allow you to feel comfortable and encourage good power and force development. The long-term and sustainable solution for pain management and/or performance is not just to tweak your bike to make it work for your body, but you also need to learn how to properly move your body on the bike. Not only will your bike be fit to you, but your body will be “fit” to your bike.