Personal Fitness Services

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Personal Training Services

If you are new to BE personal training and you would like to test the waters before committing to work with our team, you can sign-up for a FREE personal training movement screen followed by an abbreviated introductory workout. (This offer only applies to our personal training services and not our postpartum, prenatal, Pilates reformer services.)


Advanced Corrective Exercise Training


This type of training builds a foundation of movement, muscle activation, and coordination to which we can safely build strength upon. It is here where you will learn fundamentals that will carry over to a strength and conditioning program.

Total Health Strength & Conditioning


This type of training will focus on building whole body strength and conditioning of your muscles. You will notice improved fitness, increased energy, elevated confidence, and you will be more athletic with both daily tasks and active pursuits.

Athlete Strength & Conditioning


This type of training will make you a more athletic athlete. Once you build a foundation of movement, you will earn the right to perform more advanced strength and power movements that will both compliment your sport and shore up deficiencies brought on by your sport.


Postpartum & Prenatal Exercise Services

Postpartum Corrective Exercise


This type of personalized fitness training focuses on retraining you to activate your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, back muscles, and diaphragm. You will work one-on-one with our certified postpartum corrective exercise specialist. You will progress through a program that builds on fundamentals of control and movement so you can appropriately increase your fitness while also addressing your post-delivery musculoskeletal issues. In order to make the most of this type of training we advise that you first start with a Postpartum Physical Therapy Evaluation with our doctor of physical therapy.

These appointments are scheduled directly with our specialist, Katie Kezele via email:

Postpartum Fitness and Core Class


This women’s only fitness class both serves as an extension of our private postpartum corrective exercise service as well as a starting point for women looking to jumpstart a truly dedicated postpartum program. Emphasis will be placed on activating the muscles of the abdominal region, back, pelvic floor, and ribcage.

Coming Soon!

Prenatal Exercise Training


This fitness option will allow you to continue exercise under the watchful eye of our prenatal exercise specialist. Focus will be placed on strengthening and conditioning your body to support your body as you progress through your pregnancy. This type of training can help with managing/preventing back pain, ensure that your body is prepared for the stress of delivery, and allow you to transition into a postpartum activity level.

These appointments are scheduled directly with our specialist, Katie Kezele via email:


Pilates Services

Private Pilates Reformer


Our Pilates instructors will guide you through a customized reformer routine that addresses your strength and mobility needs. Our sessions are performed in a quiet, private setting.

These appointments are scheduled directly with our instructors via email:

Katie Kezele:


Fitness Classes


We offer fitness class options that focus on developing healthy movement patterns, core stabilization, and strengthening the entire body. Exercise routines utilize your body weight, resistance bands, medicine balls, and kettlebells.


AlterG Treadmill

The AlterG Treadmill allows it’s users to run with less impact through their joints. This is achieved through the specialized air chamber that surrounds the treadmill, allowing its user to determine the amount of body weight support he/she wants in order to reduce the impact to your joints and muscles while running/walking.


Fitness Service Rates


Personal Training

*All Packages may be shared with family members within the same household.

60-Minute Private Session

Per visit $80 • 4 session package $290 • 16 session package $1,000 • 32 session package $1,895 

60-Minute Semi-Private Session

Per visit $35 • 4 session package $120 • 16 session package $425 • 32 session Package $725

Postpartum & Prenatal Fitness

Initial Consultation: $80

Follow-up Sessions: Per visit $70 • 4 session package $270 • 12 session package $820

Private Pilates Reformer

Per visit $65 • 4 session package $250 • 12 session package $720

Fitness Class Rates

Pay per class $18 • 4 class pass $65 • 12 class pass $180

AlterG Treadmill

See summary of rates here.