What's your favorite pre-race meal?

I make pre-race lunch my biggest meal. I like to get a chicken burrito bowl - white rice, chicken, mild salsa, lettuce, cheese, guac & chips - and I eat the whole thing. I know that I can get this meal wherever my race travels take me.

What's your favorite non-running or triathlon activity?

My favorite non-running activity is gardening. I’d love to eat more homegrown vegetables, but my garden usually ends up just feeding the local wildlife.

What's your preferred recovery activity?

My two favorite recovery activities are doing mini yoga sessions (5-10 minutes) throughout the day to target tight spots and after long runs I do an Epsom Salt bath. I am way too chicken for ice baths, especially during the winter months training for the Pig!

What motivated you to get involved in your sport and what keeps you motivated to keep participating? 

My family is the biggest reason for getting into running and sticking with it. I ran cross country and track in high school, but wasn’t competitive and never really thought of myself as a ‘runner.’ After my second child was born, I needed something to be mine and was looking for a challenge outside of parenting full time. Getting back into running wasn’t easy, I had to do extensive pelvic floor and core PT, but this setback ended up making me a much stronger runner. I was forced to have a really focused strength routine, which has kept me (major) injury free. While I still run mostly for my own sanity, it’s pretty clear the positive impact it’s had on my kids and family as a whole. 

Race Highlights:

Half Marathon - Queen Bee - 10/8/16 - 1:48:57