I am a native of Southern California, a wife, mother of three daughters and grandma to two granddaughters. I have always been active and enjoyed working out. I was the one who always planned workouts for my friends. In my mid 40’s after being a stay at home mom / housewife (or domestic goddess as I like to call it) I was approached by the manager of the facility I trained at and was asked if I would be interested in becoming a group fitness instructor. To that I said NO! It was way out of my comfort zone, I hated being up in front of people. After her relentless pestering I finally agreed, took the course and became a group fitness instructor. To my surprise I fell in love with it. Sharing my passion for fitness and helping others reach their goals was what I was meant to do. Within a short period of time I became certified as a personal trainer and started working one on one with clients and my passion for this industry grew even more. After a few years I branched out on my own and started training out of my home.


I am an avid obstacle course racer so that was my next step, I started training clients to do races and running with them. It never felt like work because I enjoyed it so much. My clients became like family. But as life does so many times it throws you curve balls. My husband had taken a job here in Cincinnati so three years ago I finally joined him and said good bye to my clients. I knew I wanted to remain in the fitness industry but with my life changes and having three daughters living in three different states I no longer had the time to devote to building another training business. So once again I devoted my time as a Domestic Goddess to my husband and family. I knew one day I would find an avenue to return to this industry. Fast forward three years and I find the BE Running Project and that leads me to an opportunity for employment at Beyond Exercise. 

 As I mentioned earlier I have an addiction to Obstacle Course Racing, the challenge of being constantly pushed out of my comfort zone, being challenged to grow stronger and over come fears by obstacles that want to beat you is exhilarating to me. Plus it is just fun playing in the mud. Last year with the constant support of my husband I completed 13 spartan races, one triathlon and my first half marathon. This year I am looking to add my first marathon to the list.