David regained control of his life.

BE gave me back my life. In April of 2017, I developed a severe case of bursitis in my right hip, pain to the point where I couldn’t even sleep. Before coming to BE I went to an orthopedic doctor who sent me to physical therapy. It improved a little. But it always hurt. I couldn’t run, it hurt to sit down and even drive. This went on for months. I finally quit therapy because my insurance coverage ran out. I went back to the doctor and was told the only way I would get healed is to keep stretching. I took yoga classes, but nothing was healing me. What made it worse was that previous to my injury, I was probably in the best shape of my life.....even though I was 63 years old. I did several half marathons, triathlons, century bike ride, climbed mountains, swam, did spin class and overall I was a gym rat. I was totally depressed about this injury. Not only that, but by quitting all my exercise, I gained 20 lbs. 

I almost gave up all hope until a friend of mine at work was training for a triathlon and had a hamstring problem. I thought, if that was me, I would just stop training and lay off for a couple months. Instead they went to BE, and Jennifer took care of the problem in just a couple sessions. I was impressed, and thought.......there may be hope for my injury yet. I started seeing Jen for my physical therapy. Some of my treatment consisted of dry needling. As I progressed in my healing Jen started me conditioning with Marsalis, one of the trainers,. The two worked together to heal me and give me back my strength. I am now pain free and getting stronger every day. 

My favorite thing about Beyond Exercise is the people. Jennifer is kind, patient, encouraging, smart, funny and knew exactly what needed to be done to heel my hip. She also knew after healing I needed strength training. So I have been conditioning with Marsalis. I have learned so much from him and my hip and whole body is getting stronger than it was before. Again, Marsalis is kind, encouraging, smart and thorough. Additionally, Deanett at the front desk is always smiling and ready to take care of all the admin tasks at BE and does a great job.    

This place is fantastic. Instead of the name for BE being......Beyond Exercise..........I would call it Beyond Expectations......because they gave me back my hope and my life with their expert therapy and conditioning. This is a place of hope and healing. I believe in this place enough that I am constantly telling my friends about it and how it changed my life for the better. 

THANK YOU for starting BE. May God richly bless you all and I know you will continue to make a great impact in people's lives.