Cyclist Services

Your bike will always respond to how your body moves, and your body will respond to how you position yourself on your bike.  If you want to reduce your risk of injury and improve your cycling performance, this is the service from which to rebuild your body, learn to transfer force efficiently through the bike, and comfortably optimize your posture on the bike.  

This service is not a treatment session for an injury.  If you have an existing injury, you must schedule one of our physical therapy New Injury Evaluation options.


Cyclist Movement & Strength Assessment

This service is performed by a physical therapist skilled in identifying movement and strength deficiencies along with the root cause.

You will undergo a series of tests performed by an expert in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, and injury rehab unlike any other testing procedure performed by conventional bike fitters.

Immediately after testing, you will receive custom and specific corrective exercises and treatment recommendations that will accurately address your deficiency.  There will be no skirting around the solutions for your movement and muscle activation issues.  


Cyclist Bike Fitting & Form Coaching

Our Bike Fitting & Form Coaching service will custom fit your body to your bike.  We will also coach you on proper cycling form (pedal stroke, in the saddle position, off the saddle position, aero posture). 

During the Bike Fitting & Form Coaching session, we will assess your shoe cleat position, your foot position on the pedal, and the positional relationship of your joints and bony structures relative to each other ALL while taking into account YOUR preferred position of comfort.

Because the specialist who will be fitting you is not only a cyclist but a doctor of physical therapy, your assessment will be performed through the lens of an injury prevention, injury rehab, and sports performance point of view.  We will not only ensure that your bike is the right size for you, but we will ensure that your body can appropriately be positioned on the bike, move on the bike, and generate high amount of force on the bike.  All of this will add up to a significantly reduced risk of injury and improve your performance.

In order to optimize your bike fit, we highly encourage you to undergo our Cyclist Movement & Strength Assessment in addition to this service.