Personal Training

by Jason Adams


Client is an exercise enthusiast who injured her hips, knees, and low back during various exercise activities. After consulting her orthopedic doctor and being told that she would never be able to perform a loaded squat, she dropped out of her group class and began personal training. The first step was to assess and evaluate her physical abilities to build her baseline program.


During the assessment it was determined that pain in her knees would occur during the eccentric (sitting) phase of the squat and not during the concentric (standing) phase. Her posture also needed correction, targeting mid-back and core strength. The main positive of the exam results was her hip stability had been established from prior training. This gave us various lower body exercises to perform while correcting her squat position.


After 8 weeks of private personal training and participating in multiple corrective exercise programs, the client was able to perform a loaded squat without knee pain. There haven’t been any setbacks and she continues to excel at a high level. Moving forward, we will assess and correct her movement patterns to keep injuries from reoccurring.


As the client continues to progress with personal training, she will perform her corrective exercise program three times per week. The evaluation is ongoing, as new regimens are implemented. The goal is to remain pain-free, especially with activities of daily living.


I started training with Jason after injuring my knee, hip and low back.
I loved going to classes but I was having trouble modifying the workouts to
suit my injuries. Jason has not only managed to develop workouts
that don’t cause me pain, they’ve actually helped me to heal!

I’ve worked with several different trainers over that last 10 years and Jason is by far the best. His knowledge of body mechanics is astounding and he’s always learning more. He is also extremely creative. If I can’t do a particular exercise because of pain, he can always figure out a way to work the same muscles safely.

Don’t let his low-key personality fool you! I work harder for Jason because I trust him to push me without yelling or asking me to go too far, too fast.

If you want to build strength and avoid injuries,
Jason will give you the knowledge and guidance to succeed.”