Physical Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy, Sports & ACL Physical Therapy, Headache & Neck Physical Therapy, Low Back Physical Therapy, Postpartum Physical Therapy

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Truly individualized, hands-on care with a smile.  Your time in our clinic is not shared with other patients and never performed by assistants/aides. A customized treatment plan is specifically designed for you, based off your unique injury. We utilize science-based treatment principles. There are no limits on frequency and duration of visits, and we will see you through your end goal. Our sessions focus on treating your symptoms so that you no longer feel them. At the same time we will be addressing the root cause of your symptoms so that you don’t have to deal with the issue again.

Our physical therapy can be a catalyst to many changes that will not only get you back to being active, but it will open the door to comprehensive health through our other complimentary services—nutrition counseling, physical fitness, behavioral health counseling, and sports performance.


Sports Injury


Our physical therapists are highly skilled in various manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilizations, myofascial release, active release, and trigger point dry needling. We have experience treating anything and everything from head to toe. Our physical therapists are athletes themselves, having competed in: track, road running, football, basketball, soccer, rugby, cycling, swimming, triathlon, golf, weightlifting, cross-country, baseball, equine, and tennis. We will get you back to performing.



Our physical therapists not only know how to thoroughly evaluate and treat the neck with hands-on techniques, we know that many times the neck is influenced by other parts of your body. Therefore, we won’t just look at your neck. We’ll assess the rest of your spine, your breathing strategy, your core engagement, your shoulders, and even your pelvis to find the root cause of your neck pain. We will return you to living your life without fear of pain and headaches looming on the horizon through our rehab process and our network of complimentary services.



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ACL Injury

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Adrian Peterson, one of the NFL’s greatest running backs, tore his ACL December of 2011. He returned to playing September 2012 and set the rushing record that year in the NFL. This 9-month turnaround to playing full-time is extremely rare, especially at that level of play. The typical timeline to return to regular competition is one year. This is one year of collected efforts from physical therapy, strength & conditioning, agility training, speed training, and skills practice in your sport. Returning from an ACL injury requires patience and skilled intervention to ensure that you are normalizing movement, relearning how to activate your muscles, relearning how to coordinate your movements, building strength, creating power, and feeling confident—all before stepping back into your sport. We will walk you through this entire multi-month process.

Low Back Pain


Many times, treating low back pain (especially recurring or chronic) is more involved than just getting stretches and core exercises. Low back pain can come from a myriad of factors, some of which don’t even involve the actual site of your pain. Identifying these factors requires time and skill, and if you want your back pain resolved our physical therapists can give you both. We will manage your symptoms and treat the root cause of them through a hands-on approach. Once we address the biomechanical dysfunction we will build strength around your spine and your functional movements so that you can have confidence in your back again.


Physical Therapy Rates


New Injury Evaluation + Treatment $229

New Injury Evaluation (limited treatment) $169


Long Treatment Session $109+ ($8 additional fee for dry needling)

Short Treatment Session $79+ ($8 additional fee for dry needling)