Blood Testing Panels

All blood testing panels are guided by our partner Athlete Blood Test (ABT).  These panels are based on their years of research in working with professional and Olympic athletes to be the most cost-effective and critical tests to perform at specific points in an athlete's season.  

Although there are other companies who provide similar services, we have chosen to become the exclusive Cincinnati partner of ABT testing services because they do not believe in a cookie cutter approach in utilizing blood test results to optimize athletic performance.  Rather, their commitment to treat each test individually matches BE's values in treating individuals on a case-by-case basis with personalized attention, and we're proud to be able to partner with them. 

Blood tests are performed at any LabCorp, a national blood draw company with several locations in Cincinnati.  The blood draw process usually takes no more than 10 minutes, and appointments are not required.   

Still have questions?  Contact the ABT experts directly.

types of panels


gold Panel

Our most robust panel, the Gold Panel, provides a comprehensive look at “all things performance related”.  This includes red blood cells, organ enzymes, metabolic markers, micronutrients critical to performance, electrolytes, comprehensive hormones, and lipids.  Nothing will be missed with the Gold Panel!


silver panel

The Silver Panel is meant to be performed during a period of low training.  It is used to establish baselines by which to compare results following a period of heavy training.  This allows us to gain an understanding of how your body utilizes specific micronutrients, your unique recovery needs, and how well your red blood cells recover following periods of high turnover.


Bronze Panel

The Bronze Panel is our most popular and tests the most important values for athletes such as Iron and a Complete Blood Count.

The Bronze Panel provides the necessary information to get you to competition day ready to compete at your best. The panel assesses micronutrient status, red blood cell status, inflammatory markers, current training tolerance, and recovery needs.