Physical Therapy [Ankle]; Pilates; Personal Training

Danielle working with Pilates Trainer Sarah T.

Danielle working with Pilates Trainer Sarah T.

"I have had the exceptional opportunity to use the team at BEYOND EXERCISE to it's fullest extent over the past year and a half.  I can truly say I am one of the most fortunate people to have found such a “family" (because that's what they have become) of caring, experienced, educated and knowledgeable people who helped me regain my ability to walk & my mobility and strength to such an unexpected degree that surpassed doctors expectations!! My physical therapist, Sarah Cash Crawford. My Pilates instructor, Sarah Taylor and my trainer, Jason Adams.

I used them together as a team to coordinate MY recovery, rehab, and LIFE.  Together they wrote the script of my recovery. I shattered my ankle from a fall, leading to surgery and ultimately an ankle replacement. THEN, my car was totaled from a car hitting head on, which broke 5 ribs and one of my arms.  I went through 5 major surgeries in ONE YEAR!  I was always an active person, so this was a devastating experience for me to endure. Through the caring, help and determination of  Sarah C., Sarah T. ... and Jason A., I am walking, with NO limp whatsoever. I have NO existing or residual pain. I am BEYOND FULL OF GRATITUDE for all the time, efforts, consideration and kindness of these people. I would never be where I am today without you!!

Sarah C. with her treatments, knowledge and experience coordinated MY rehab by combining the most knowledgeable and sweetest Pilates instructor, Sarah T.  She helped strengthen me with this form of exercise combined with the amazing talents and expertise of my trainer, Jason. By working with the three of them they were able to coordinate and plan my rehab and recovery.  Something you would not be able to find anywhere else. I seriously am BEYOND GRATEFUL."

- Danielle Z.