Physical Therapy [General Fitness]

I first was made aware of BEYOND EXERCISE (B/E) by several friends in the health care world. This new concept was something that peaked my interest because my health is very important and I want to consider anything that could help to maintain a healthy body.

BE is very unique because it offers a complete program designed for each client whether you are starting a new program, dealing with an injury or like in my case, for taking my personal health care to a new level – customized for me.  It is not a gym or body building focus, it is total body health care.

BE is a hybrid and includes improving strength, flexibility, balance and cardio as we age.
I have enjoyed over three years with B/E with Eric, Sarah and their staff.  We continue to add new elements to my routine and l enjoy new challenges they bring to our time together.

BE is a combination of physical therapy and exercise unlike anything in health care today.  If I experience an injury in my busy life we address it quickly in the next visit and the results are amazing.

I am so thankful to have found BE and recommend a visit to anyone interested in maintaining and improving their body health.

- George K.