Sports Performance [Running]

"I've been a competitive distance runner for about five years now, and currently compete in both cross country and track for Ashland University. Last year, I suffered two stress fractures which sidelined me for the entirety of the cross country and outdoor track seasons. I met with Eric this past summer and underwent a gait analysis as well as some strength and flexibility tests. We then worked to develop a program consisting of various exercises and form drills designed to prevent future injuries by strengthening my hips and lower legs, and refining my running form. As a result, I was able to resume training at a higher intensity and volume than I ever had before, while remaining injury free. This fall, in my first season of collegiate cross country, I earned first team all-conference honors and was named freshman of the year in one of the most competitive NCAA Division II conferences in the country. This drastic turnaround from my injury-plagued season last year certainly would not have been possible if it weren't for the help I received from Eric which has made me a stronger, faster, and more durable athlete."
-Charlie M.