Physical Therapy [Pelvic Stress Fracture]

"In the summer of 2012, I suffered a pelvic stress fracture while training for my 5th marathon.  After the fracture healed, I was still having chronic adductor pain.  After nearly a year of not having any luck with numerous doctors, 5 different physical therapists, aqua therapy and massage therapy, I was on the brink of giving up. I heard about Beyond Exercise and decided to give it a try as my “last shot.”  On my first visit, Eric spent a great deal of time assessing my injury and listening to my concerns and everything I had tried in the past.  I immediately felt like I had finally found the place that could help me.  Eric assisted me with my realignment, strength training and transition back into running. However, shortly after my return to running, I slipped and fell down hardwood steps, severely bruising my sacrum.  The injury took a few months to heal, but during this time, Eric guided me in my rehabilitation with exercises and activities that I could do to help my recovery (and keep me sane!).  I returned to my running shoes once again, but after a few short weeks of being back, I experienced yet another setback with my personal health.  Even though I was frustrated and losing hope, Eric supported and encouraged me.  Thanks to his patience and expertise, along with my diligence in following his treatment plan, I was recently able to run and finish the Hyde Park Blast, my first race in over 2 years!  I am hopeful this race was just the beginning of my journey back to the marathon, and I’m forever grateful to Beyond Exercise for helping me get to this point in my running career.  Thank you, Eric!  I’m a Believer!"
-Nicki P.