Physical Therapy [Leg Pain]

"My husband (Brett Hungerford, owner of Element Cycles) stresses the importance of bike fit for riders, so we both knew the importance of having a video run analysis done with Eric at Beyond Exercise as I decided to train for my first half marathon.  I was not a runner previously and had decided to train with Studio S.  I met with Eric prior to even starting the training group. I went in knowing nothing about running and left armed with knowledge about my own untrained/natural techniques and how to alter them to hopefully avoid injury and run efficiently.  Eric is great at explaining things in a way even a novice runner can grasp and demonstrating what needs to be done. 

As it was a learning process to train my body to properly run how Eric instructed, I did end up injured during training.  Eric to the rescue with physical therapy that kept me in the training group and still moving toward my goal.  He thoroughly evaluates injuries and demonstrates extensive knowledge of problems and the necessary treatment.  I saw him for PT even the day before my race for final prep/PT/leg taping/tips. 

Without Eric's running knowledge and tips he shared along the way, the video run analysis, and his PT skills, I would not have been able to run my first half marathon right under goal time.  Eric is certainly one of Cincinnati's running experts in multiple facets and I couldn't recommend him more highly for the run analysis and PT treatment."

-Kristen H.