Physical Therapy [Hip Pain]

"In 2011, I was sidelined for almost 8 months because of hip pain.  I had two MRIs, saw 4 orthopedics and was put in physical therapy for 8 weeks.  Nothing helped, the pain got worse and I was still struggling to walk, let alone run.  A friend recommended I go see Eric to see if he could help.  I went in to see Eric, thinking I would never run again.  After a 90 minute exam, he was able to diagnose my problem and start me on my road to recovery.  I walked out of his office after the first visit feeling 90% pain free.  

Eric put me on a program to get strong and keep my hip healthy.  He wrote a training plan to get me back to running.  When I was strong enough to run, he did a running analysis and gave me drills to keep me injury free moving forward.  I joined the Strength & Conditioning Program he was collaborating on with Cincinnati Endurance Concepts to continue to work on my strength, form, and overall approach to running.  This past weekend, I completed my 2nd marathon (NYC Marathon) since my injury with my best time since I was sidelined in 2011.  I can’t thank Eric and his team enough for getting me where I am today. " 

-Caroline K.