Physical Therapy [Achilles Tendon Repair]

My relationship with Eric Oliver and Beyond Exercise, LLC has benefited me personally and my Achilles tendon rupture recovery beyond anything I could’ve conceived possible. Eric’s treatment went beyond “recovery” and has led me to a physical and mental transformation.

Honestly, at the beginning of my treatment I was regularly frustrated because after surgery I was chomping at the bit to get moving quickly. When I started my treatment I was walking with my foot pointing outwards, had a huge limp, and my foot was 100% flat. Eric emphasized how delicate my tendon was, and moving quickly would jeopardize my recovery.  Sigh.  I questioned all the foundational work he assigned me.  Eric helped me understand the symbiotic relationship between the muscles, joints, tendons, tissues and bones that are required for proper biomechanics and explained that I wouldn't be working just my achilles in our treatment plan.

Eric was patient when I was overwhelmed, yet he was the taskmaster that I needed to keep me on track.  Eric gave me exercises to do in his Alter G, which helped me make huge achievements in a short amount of time. I was limp free within 2-3 weeks of getting out of my boot, and I was walking with both feet pointing forward.

Most importantly, Eric protected me, from me. This was my first time in physical therapy, and the first time I’ve been injured.  I was not an easy person to treat.  Eric routinely told me “no” to certain requests, and strongly recommended having “rest” days from certain exercises I was doing.  Eric taught me with my injury,  improvements would be incremental and would be measured in weeks or months, rather than daily.  Yet he allowed me to be bold without risking my recovery.  Because of Eric, I have become fitter, faster and stronger than before I was injured, and I’m not done yet.  Thank you, Eric!

-Anne L.