Physical Therapy [Back Pain]

I was referred to Beyond Exercise by two friends, both of whom are therapists, who had experienced extraordinary results at BE.

I broke four vertebrae more than twenty years ago and have had chronic back pain since. I’ve probably had ten rounds of physical therapy over the last twenty years and have never experienced anything as amazing as the physical therapy program at BE! Beyond Exercise is different from other physical therapy clinics, because you get one-on-one attention from a therapist that thoroughly and physically evaluates your problem and manipulates your body. You don’t spend an hour attached to an e-stim machine and making rounds in a gym. Rather, your therapist will talk to you about your recovery and then work with you independently to resolve it.

Sarah has a holistic approach to health and cares about your whole body. She has suggested an exercise structure for me that has eliminated almost all of my pain and is realistic to follow. I’ve never had these kind of results!

Sarah Crawford introduced me to Pilates, and I’ll never be able to thank her enough. A combination of Pilates and therapy with Sarah has nearly eliminated twenty years of chronic back and neck pain! The private Pilates instruction with Sarah Taylor was exactly what I needed. I could learn at my own pace and ease into group classes.

The facility is top notch. Very comprehensive and current.