Fundamentals Part 1: Optimize Your Breathing

Learning to breathe properly is extremely important to master. It allows you to better stabilize your body when performing athletic movements such as weightlifting and running. Optimal execution of our strengthening program and carryover into running is dependent on learning this fundamental skill. Practice these movements 3-6 days per week. Perform 10-15 repetitions of each movement.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learn to properly recruit your diaphragm and recruit your core muscles.

Diaphragmatic Breathing: Progression 1

Once you master Diaphragm Breathing, you need to learn how to control a neutral spine while activating the core muscles and diaphragm when moving.

Diaphragmatic Breathing: Progression 2

Adding more difficulty to your postural control and breathing.

Diaphragmatic Breathing: Progression 3

This progression forces you to move your pelvis while controlling your neutral spine, rib position, abdominal tension, and breathing.


Fundamentals Part 2: Activate Your Gluteals

Many athletes (especially runners) don’t know how to properly activate their gluteal muscles. This is problematic because poor activation, strength, or timing of gluteal muscle contractions can lead to performance deficits and injuries when running. Our gluteal activation series of movements will fire up those gluteals, condition them, and prepare them for the more challenging absolute strength training exercises that you will learn next week. We recommend that you start with 10-15 reps of each movement, and perform 2-3 rounds of this series of exercises. You can perform these 2-3 times per week. Learn how to best integrate these general/conditioning strength exercises in your training program here.

Gluteal Activation SEries

Learn how to turn on key hip muscles that will serve as a foundation for building strength that will help stabilize your hips and knees as well as allow you to produce more power when running.


Fundamentals Part 3: Key Functional Movements

These two exercise movements will teach you how to apply your newfound ability to activate your gluteals into a functional movement pattern that will allow you to better activate your gluteal muscles during running.

Backward Slider Lunge

ASsisted Pistol Squat


Home Workouts: (Coming week of August 12)

Core Workout Level 1

Full Body Strength & conditioning Level 1