Applying Strength Training

General rules of thumb when coordinating The different types of strength training with your running/Walking program:

General Strength and Strength Endurance:  

  • Most ideal time - do the same day as easy runs, cross-training days

  • Next most ideal time - any other day if you are not doing absolute strength training

Absolute Strength, Power, Elastic strength:

  • Most ideal time - do the same day as quality run workouts (tempo, interval, acceleration, long); do AFTER runs (immediately or later in the day)

  • Next most ideal times

    • the day AFTER quality run workouts (unless an explicit rest day is scheduled); give yourself 24 - 48 hours of recovery before your next quality run workout

    • the day BEFORE a quality run workout as long as you can give yourself 24-36 hours of recovery before the run; resistances may need to be adjusted to accommodate for a timely recovery for your quality run


you have several options to integrate your strength training with beyond exercise

Option 1: Personalized strength coaching w/ BE strength coaches

option 2: Fitness Classes @ BE

Option 3: Home workouts designed by BE