Injury Prevention


how do you prevent an injury from popping up during your training cycle?

In order to prevent an injury from derailing your training season, it’s important to know the most common contributing factors that lead to injury so that you can begin addressing them before they have the opportunity to become problematic.

If you want to reduce your risk of injury you need to start working on these contributing risk factors:

  1. Inadequate hip, knee, ankle, and foot mobility

  2. Inadequate spine and pelvic mobility

  3. Weak or poor activation of gluteal muscles

  4. Weak or poor activation of the diaphragm, back extensors, and abdominal wall muscles

  5. Poor postural control

  6. Inability to activate the back, hip, thigh, leg, and foot muscles at the appropriate time in the running sequence

  7. Inadequate single leg stability and dynamic control

  8. Sub-optimal running mechanics such as overstepping or running with a low cadence (step count per minute)

  9. Running too many miles than what your body can handle

  10. Running faster than what your body and fitness can handle

  11. Inappropriate recovery between training sessions

  12. Racing beyond your training level

  13. Poor sleep and nutrition habits


Utilize the other sections of this resource center as a reference to begin working through this list.