BE RunProject 
2019 Fall Marathon & Half-Marathon Training Program

Seen us out running? Heard about all the success? Want to be a part of THE TEAM? There are always choices when you want to go for a run…but when you are ready to TRAIN there is only one choice!

BE ready for your Fall races!

We are more than just a running group. Join the BE RunProject for the most complete training experience in Cincinnati.

Why are we different?

We know that you’re going to need some encouragement and guidance, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned runner looking to finish strong, achieve a PR, or qualify for Boston. The BE RunProject team will provide everything you need and more by offering fully supported training runs led by a team of head coaches, assistant coaches and different pace groups. We will also provide you with water, nutrition, and motivation at our BE stops along the run routes.

We know that you don't want a training plan that just provides weekly recommended running miles. Rather, you will benefit more from having specific workouts with guidance on intensity so that you’re not over-working or under-working. Our training plan progresses you through specific and objective driven workouts designed by a coaching team who not only talk the talk but who are also experienced and successful runners themselves. Our team is led by coaches who are certified with the Road Runners Club of America and USA Track and Field. They are also supported by our injury prevention and run form specialists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports nutritionist, and various therapy professionals. 

We know that you want to feel healthy and strong during your training and racing. Our training program is the ONLY program in Cincinnati with a built-in team of experts in the field of injury prevention, injury rehab, nutrition, muscle recovery, and strength training to support our athletes. Our specialists have worked with everyone from weekend warriors to elite athletes and know what it takes to keep you strong and healthy. You will get the benefit of our team’s expert knowledge and Beyond Exercise’s resources to improve your running abilities and reduce your risk of injury.  We will be YOUR personal support crew and staff.  

We know that you want to improve your running.  Our program offers services for those runners who want to be proactive in reducing their risk of injury while also learning how to increase their horsepower and efficiency.  The BE RunProject opens the door to extra services that will make you a stronger runner, a more efficient runner, and a runner with a lower risk of injury. For example, with BE's specialized running services you can take a more effective, customized, and holistic approach to your training. And with our therapy services, nutrition services, and our strength and conditioning programs you can build a program around you that works for YOU!

We know that you want to be part of a team.  You will receive weekly newsletters, have access to our private Facebook group, and receive special discounts from Beyond Exercise and our partners at Buckeye Running Company.  When you run with us, you become part of the BE family.  We support each other.  We high-five each other.  We curse the coach’s run routes together.  We drink together.  We laugh together.  We wear the same colors.  When people see you running, they know that you’re part of our team.

We know that you want to have fun.  Sometimes training is difficult, but doing it with our group turns even the toughest runs into, well…pretty darn good.  We are a serious program that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously.  You’re guaranteed to smile, laugh, and have fun.

We know you want MORE from your training program.  Not only do you get all of the options and opportunity above, but we listened to our TEAM and now you get even MORE. Your BE RunProject registration now includes $100 worth of gift cards good towards various services at Beyond Exercise during your season. Want MORE? You also get 10% off all services during the season! Now that’s a program that goes BEYOND EXPECTATIONS!



Quick Reference

Start Date: 

July 9, 2019

Training Days:

Tuesdays at 6:30 PM
Workout Run
(From Beyond Exercise)

Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Recovery Run
(Rotating locations within 7 miles of Beyond Exercise - many times from a local bar, brewery, or restaurant)

Saturdays at 7:30 AM
Long Run
(Rotating locations within 7 miles of Beyond Exercise)

Target Races: 

Queen Bee Half Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, Indianapolis Monumental Half and Full Marathon, Columbus Half and Full Marathon, and others.


Informational Meetings

If you would like to learn more about our program, join us at one of our informational sessions:

Wednesday, June 26

Thursday, June 27

Monday, July 1

Meetings are held at 6:30pm at 3219 Brotherton Rd, inside the BE Wellness Home (immediately next to the main building, 3215 Brotherton Rd).


Additional Information


BE RunProject is open to athletes of all experience, whether you are looking to set a PR or just wanting to “finish” your first one.

  • We suggest that someone participating in our Marathon Training Program be able to complete 6 miles when beginning the program and be able to start at approximately 15 miles per week in their training.

  • We suggest that someone participating in our Half Marathon Training Program be able to complete 3 miles when beginning the program and be able to start at approximately 10 miles per week in their training.

  • Due to many Marathon and Half Marathon requirement that state participants must maintain a 16 minute per mile pace to finish and avoid course closure, we also ask that you assume these same guidelines to help to ensure a successful program!

  • If you you are not able to run the recommended 3 or 6 miles just yet, download our FREE pre-season 10k or 5k training schedule to prepare you for our training program.


For more information please contact:


BE Run Project Gallery

***Certain exclusions may apply as Buckeye Running Company honors the MAP (minimum advertised price) policy of our suppliers, including Brooks and Moving Comfort.

***Certain exclusions may apply as Buckeye Running Company honors the MAP (minimum advertised price) policy of our suppliers, including Brooks and Moving Comfort.