Go beyond expectations… by going beyond exercise.

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We help active adults recover from injury, everyday people jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, and athletes improve their performance.


active adult

everyday person



We buck the status quo of healthcare, wellness, and fitness by refocusing the attention on YOU. We don't treat your symptoms; we treat the root cause. We don't have cookie-cutter rehab and fitness plans; we use your specific needs and goals to build your plan.

Form the right habits and those habits will form you.


Your story and goals are unique.


Wendy exceeded her own expectations

“I started to see Eric for my lower back issues. Eric was recommended by my husband, the Track and Field Coach at Xavier University. As a result of training over the past 6 months, I am stronger and my back has not gone out. I can also tell a real difference in how I handle stress. I feel calmer and more able to handle the demands of balancing work with being a good mother and a wife. I didn't start training for this reason, but it was an unexpected positive side effect.”


David beats all the odds

“In August of 2018, I had a heart transplant due to congestive heart failure. Before surgery, I couldn’t walk up a flight of steps without having to catch my breath; it got to the point where I couldn’t do the simplest tasks. I started training just a couple months after the heart transplant surgery. I started looking at things I could do to get better and people that are experts in the area at knowing how to get people ready for races. That’s what led me to Beyond Exercise. The folks at Beyond Exercise are helping me be an athlete again. Eric and Ellen put me on the OPTOGAIT equipment and a regiment of drills that I never considered; I was fit enough to go slow, they trained me how to go a little faster and to work on my fitness as well. I finished the Flying Pig half marathon less than 9 months after having heart transplant surgery.”



“In the past I had struggled with consistency, accountability, and variety in my own workouts. I couldn’t seem to resolve these issues on my own. BE has moved me through a personal barrier of mediocre and inefficient exercise and into a training program that has shown visible results that I can also feel! I have added strength, enhanced cardio, and a better BMI. Through my training I have also gained improved energy, refocused my attention on improved eating habits, and possess an increased confidence about my health.”