6 Steps for a Better Run in the Rain

by BE Performance Athlete, Amy Robillard

Spring is so exciting for many athletes. We can finally shake those winter blues- and a few layers- while enjoying the fresh air.  Unfortunately, this time of year also brings those dreaded spring showers, which can make for an uncomfortable workout if you’re not prepared.  

We asked two-time Flying Pig Marathon winner, Amy Robillard, for her top tips to survive spring splashes and sprinkles to keep you outside and on schedule.

If you’re dressing for a rainy run, here are some things to consider:

Wear a visor or running hat. Raindrops in your eyes is no fun- especially if you wear contacts.

Wear fitted apparel. No time for modesty here. The looser your clothes, the more you risk an encounter with chafing, which is unpleasant even on bright sunny days.  Amy recommends compression shorts, if you have them.

Wear a light jacket or vest. It might not be quite warm enough to go sleeveless on your longer runs, so make sure that any light jacket or vest isn’t too bulky and repels the water.

Aquaphor is your friend. Nobody knows your body better than you do, so take some precaution and moisturize those areas that you know are prone to chafing. Amy recommends Aquaphor, although there are a number of anti-chafing gels and lotions on the market!

Once you return from a soggy workout, there are a few important next steps to make sure your gear dries properly.

Have newspaper ready. Stuff your wet running shoes with newspaper. The paper absorbs water and helps your shoes keep their shape.

Dry clothes immediately. Hang your duds up to dry as soon as possible. You don’t want mildew or mold stinking up your expensive gear. (Always read the tags, of course. Some workout clothes aren’t meant to go in the dryer!)