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You Are Running A Hilly Race Course, and You May Just Get Hurt

Harbingers of spring in Cincinnati include the usual—temperatures in the 50’s, flowers making their way up from the ground, St. Patrick’s Day, and sunlight when driving home from work. Another sign of spring, specifically for me, revolves around this coming Sunday. This weekend is the unofficial start to road running race season with the city’s first big race, the beloved Heart Mini races. This Sunday morning, along with the smell of spring in the cool air, we will feel the collective breaths of hundreds of runners tackling the oft-underestimated course that is the Heart Mini Marathon and Half-Marathon. This is a hilly course, and time and time again we see a swath of injuries that proliferate from this weekend. For those using this race as preparation for the Flying Pig, an injury or start of a nagging ache after this race can derail your training plans.

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Spring Is Here, And Running Injuries Are In Full Bloom

by Eric Oliver, PT, Founder

It’s that time of year again.  In Cincinnati, the Heart Mini Marathon opens the running season in mid-March challenging the local winter marathon and half-marathon training groups’ athletes to their first official race of the year’s season.  This race is used as a practice race that helps to propel the runner into the final six weeks of training in which many will see their biggest running distances of the training cycle.  It’s an exciting time because runners get the sense that they are nearing their the big day—Flying Pig day.  In my experience as a physical therapist in Cincinnati, this race has also proved to be a harbinger to the annual ramp-up of pre-Flying Pig injuries.  In light of this year’s rash of injuries coming through our facility, I want to shed some light onto this year’s trainees as they make the last push for the remainder of the training season.  

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How to Dress for Cold Weather Exercise

by BE Sponsored Athlete, Amy Robillard

Dressing for the weather can seem like an ever moving target, especially during the winter. No two cold days are exactly alike, depending on sun, humidity and of course your level of exertion. 

It’s important to stay warm, but not overheat, while layering without adding bulk to your movement. That’s not even taking into consideration the fact that winter conditions can change on a dime.

Below are my top four tips for dressing for your cold weather workout.

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