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What To Do If You Get Injured Four Weeks Before Race Day

by Eric Oliver, PT, Founder

During the average training cycle running injuries begin to pop up during the later stages of training more so than at any other point.  By this time in the training program, your body has already endured through hundreds of thousands of steps, and if you have any movement faults, strength deficits, motor sequencing issues, running pattern faults, or issues in your training program your body is likely to react to them.  

Common symptoms of these deficiencies (small or large) include gradual build-up of aches and pains.  These symptoms do not feel the same as general post-workout fatigue or discomfort resulting from the activity.  These are the “this doesn’t feel right” kind of soreness, achiness, burning, jolts, zings, and sharp pains.  Many times these pains don’t gradually build-up, though.  Rather they can come out of nowhere, piercing at your muscle or joint like a hot knife.  In either case, both scenarios will bring your training to a halt or at the least a snails pace. 

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Improving Speed And Reducing Injury Risk In Runners

by Eric Oliver PT, Founder

So how do you make an already fast runner, faster and more resilient to injury?  This was the question with which I was posed earlier this summer when I first met Amy Robillard, the Flying Pig Marathon winner of the past two years.  Amy had already come off a successful spring race season with a female course record at the Run the Bluegrass Half-Marathon in April and a win at the Flying Pig Marathon in May.  When Amy and I first talked she was looking for help with improving her run speed as well as finding answers to her nagging aches and pains.  

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