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How to Dress for Cold Weather Exercise

by BE Sponsored Athlete, Amy Robillard

Dressing for the weather can seem like an ever moving target, especially during the winter. No two cold days are exactly alike, depending on sun, humidity and of course your level of exertion. 

It’s important to stay warm, but not overheat, while layering without adding bulk to your movement. That’s not even taking into consideration the fact that winter conditions can change on a dime.

Below are my top four tips for dressing for your cold weather workout.

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A Blessing In Disguise! by Cristy Doll

Every obstacle, setback, and challenge in your life is always a blessing in disguise!  These blessings in disguise are what make you who you are today.  Acknowledge your blessings, and keep moving forward :)

Today was an emotional day for me.  Last year, I was 2.5 weeks out from Ironman Louisville.  I was ready to go, and I knew in my heart and was VERY confident in my training that Louisville had my KONA slot.  I purposely took a job that pays barely enough to live on but gave me summers off so I could train, train, TRAIN.  It was my time to go after my dream of qulaifying for Kona.  I was ready! 

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"Boston" by Laurah Lukin

It was nothing of what I expected, but everything that I needed. . . .

In the week leading up to The Boston Marathon I had been a mess of nerves.  Following the Carmel ½ Marathon I had been experiencing a cranky nagging discomfort in my inside left ankle.

I was religiously going to see Eric at Beyond Exercise (one of my sponsors) to speed along my recovery and make sure I was ready.  Active release therapy was followed by sessions with the Deep Muscle Stimulator and myofascial release.  I grit my teeth and embraced the taper that Eric and the Russians prescribed with hopes that my body would be ready.

 On race morning, I walked up to the start line with thousands of other wide-open sets of eyes, the chill of morning air crawling into my race kit. 

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"Strength in Discipline" by Laurah Lukin

Strength in Discipline by Laurah Lukin

I was pretty shocked when “The Russians” told me they wanted me to race the Carmel Half Marathon (in Carmel, Indiana) nine days before the Boston Marathon …

Perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. 2014 has been my first season/year racing in the “Elite” category for road races.  I am not sure that I actually qualify as an “elite runner,” but I am having the time of my life racing alongside professional runners and dreaming of someday getting to that status.  At the end of 2013, I began training with “The Russians”, a husband and wife who manage, coach and act as agents for the L.M. Elite Running Club.  I am the only amateur athlete among a rotating group of professional runners from Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco, Russia and Ukraine.  I honestly do not know why they took me on, but I am overjoyed they did.  I am learning so much; we have become close and fast friends, and they treat me just like one of their own. 

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