How Efficiently Are You Running?

by Eric Oliver, PT, Founder

Anyone can run, but not everyone knows how to run efficiently and fast.  Learning optimal running mechanics will not only improve your efficiency and speed, but will also make you more resilient to injury.  Below is a good video from The Natural Running Center that explains the basics of optimal running mechanics.  Although this video is being demonstrated by a barefoot runner, I am not a big proponent of 'barefoot running' except for when you are learning to feel the ground during form drills.  

It is difficult to assess your own mechanics, and therefore it is recommended that you see a specialist who can not only describe what optimal running looks like, but also describe the mechanics, physiology, and anatomy that goes into controlling the forces that come with running.  If you are currently dealing with or have had a history of running injuries it is even more imperative that your evaluator understands the pathomechanics (improper mechanical movements) that contributes to specific injuries.  

Enjoy the video, and check back with our blog to further learn more about the topic of running.  To learn about the running services we provide, click here.