Athlete Programs


BE Athlete Development Programs

The objective of the BE Athlete Developmental Program is to create a foundation of movement, strength, and coordination in order to properly set up the athlete to perform their sport with less chance of injury. This is accomplished through a team of specialists working with the athlete including sports physical therapists and strength coaches. The BE Athlete Developmental Program can then transition into a performance training program in which we are guiding the athlete through specific training blocks that will elicit specific training adaptations to improve the athlete’s strength, power, and speed.

We currently have the following BE Athlete Developmental Programs:

  1. Student Athlete Development Program

  2. Runner Development Program

  3. Cyclist Development Program

Learn details about each program here

BE Athlete Performance Programs

The objective of the BE Athlete Performance Program is to give the athlete a competitive edge in their sport. We accomplish this by surrounding the athlete with a team of specialists that includes physical therapists, strength coaches, a sports nutritionists, and a massage therapist. Our team will break down your movement inefficiencies and weaknesses and build you up to be a complete, well-balanced athlete in strength, movement, and coordination. You will get specific coaching from your specialists through in-house consultations and follow-up sessions. Consider us your professional level sports performance support team.

We currently have the following BE Athlete Performance Programs:

  1. Student Athlete Performance Programs

  2. Runner Performance Programs

  3. Cyclist Performance Programs

Learn details about each program here


  1. What is the process?

    • Once you purchase one of the BE Athlete Solutions, your first step is to start scheduling your initial appointments:

      • The “BE Solutions: Athlete Initial PT Assessment” is scheduled with one of our physical therapists here.

      • The “Initial Nutrition Consultation” is schedule with the registered dietitian here.

    • After your initial consultation with the physical therapist, you can schedule your personal training sessions here.

  2. What is the timeframe in which I have to use these services?

    • You have 6 months to use the designated services, but we hope you start well before that.

    • All of the services included in our BE Solutions can be scheduled on your timeline per your availability. If you want to do personal training once a week, you can do it. If you want four times a week, you can do that too. You dictate the schedule based on your availability.

  3. What happens after I use all the services included with this package?

    • Once you use all the services included in the BE Solutions packages you can continue working with our specialists a la carte. You and your team of specialists will determine what is best for you.