BE Racing

As an endurance sports athlete himself, BE's founder developed a special interest and niche working with endurance athletes to rehab from injuries and to improve their performance.  From this interest, a team of endurance athletes was born.

The BE RACING crew is comprised of high performance endurance athletes looking to elevate their competition to the next level.  If you have a big goal, the heart, and the work ethic to take your performance to a high level then we want to be your support team.  

Team members come from different backgrounds and disciplines.  We welcome any and all elite and sub-elite level athletes looking for professional-level backing from our experienced team of rehab, fitness, nutrition, and recovery professionals.  In addition to our direct support, you will be tapped into our network of partners and doctors whom we have personally vetted.

Beyond Exercise commits to supporting members of our RACING crew by giving them access to our team of professionals and partners:

  1. physical therapy

  2. strength & conditioning

  3. nutrition

  4. massage

We work to keep team members healthy, return them to competitive form if they sustain an injury, guide their strength training, address biomechanical movement faults that impede performance, facilitate tissue recovery, and coach them with nutrition strategies. 

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