Athlete Blood Test

Athlete Blood Test (ABT) is a blood monitoring company based out of Golden, CO.  ABT has developed a methodology for identifying ideal blood marker ranges for an athlete based on frequency, duration, and intensity of training.  This information has been proven to improve the training, recovery, and competitive performances of individuals from recreational athletes to Olympians.

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Dr. garret rock

Dr. Garret Rock serves as the Director of Sports Medicine for ABT.  Garret is no stranger in the world of blood monitoring for performance.  His work is paving the way for a more advanced approach to performance.  As an exercise physiology specialist, biomechanics specialist, sports chiropractor, and sports nutrition specialist, Garret has worked with countless professional and Olympic teams and athletes in his career, including triathletes, runners, cyclists and pro hockey and football players.  His work has been featured in books, magazine articles, podcasts, and other media.  Garret’s life as an expert and athlete create an intimate understanding of physiology.  After playing collegiate baseball, Garret found his way into endurance sports.  He has competed in several iconic races, including multiple Ironman races, Elk Mountain Grand Traverse Backcountry Ski race, Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race, and many more.  His free-time is spent in the mountains of Colorado.