Dr. Jessica Chavez-Kline, PT, DPT will guide you through your yoga-based PT sessions.

Dr. Jessica Chavez-Kline, PT, DPT will guide you through your yoga-based PT sessions.


Traditional physical therapy may not meet the needs of every client.  Yoga based physical therapy offers a different approach to client care.  This specialized physical therapy places an emphasis on therapeutic movement application with a strong foundation in the yoga vocabulary.

Sessions will incorporate manual therapy as appropriate.  Specific impairments will be addressed in a holistic manner to achieve patient’s goals of improved function, pain management, improved physical performance, stress reduction/ relaxation, and wellbeing.






What is yoga based therapy?

This is a service offered at Beyond Exercise, performed by a licensed physical therapist with experience teaching and practicing yoga, pilates, and many other forms of movement that incorporate a “whole body approach”. This may feel different from traditional physical therapy because we will actively use, as appropriate, postures, breathing techniques, even meditation and relaxation methods that draw strongly from the yoga tradition. Because you are working with a physical therapist, manual therapies, education, home programs and objective goals are incorporated. 


Do I have to practice yoga already? 

No. If you already have a yoga practice or have tried some yoga, then you may find that physical therapy sessions rooted in yoga methods will teach you to practice to a greater depth, or to practice in a safer, and more effective way. If you have never even seen yoga, not to worry. Like any good physical therapy exercise program, yoga methods, when taught appropriately, can be modified and chosen specifically to aid you in your healing process.  There are no expectations that you can touch your toes or balance on one leg. 


What are the benefits of seeing a physical therapist who uses yoga? 

For some people, traditional methods of exercising might not address your pain or impairments adequately. Using a holistic approach to a patient’s well-being that includes addressing physical impairments, stress, work, and lifestyle contributions can be especially effective for people who have had pain for many years or months of pain and other chronic conditions. Physical therapy that uses yoga may include whole-body movements and postures that incorporate appropriate breathing techniques, mindfulness in movement, and a unique movement vocabulary that can be used to improve functional mobility. Each patient will receive specific treatment plan that is appropriate for them, but most all sessions will focus on healthy breathing techniques, healthy posture, and mindful movement.


Will I just be doing a yoga class?

No. These physical therapy sessions draw strongly from yoga’s teachings and vocabulary, but will also incorporate principles from Pilates, Alexander technique, functional movement training, and other methods. Most importantly, your therapy will be conducted by a medical professional who has the ability to modify movements to be anatomically sound, safe for you and your particular health condition, perform manual therapy techniques, education, and other tools to aide you in healing. If you choose and if appropriate, private or group yoga or pilates sessions can be continued at Beyond Exercise with fluent communication between your providers and practitioners. Your goals are our goals.