YOGA & Meditation

Yoga and meditation are the beginning of your journey on the holistic path to wellness.  Yoga cultivates the body's ability to release tension, boost circulation, decrease inflammation, and boost the healing energy the body needs to recover and replenish. Meditation creates mental space for daily peace and soothing in order to dissolve anxiety and make new room for mental clarity.  When combined, these practices are the preventative care you need to sustain and live through your most vibrant and centered self.  Come relax and elevate.   

Private sessions devote and provide guests with holistic methods of healing, specially tailored to your individual needs.  Whether its the irresistible glow that comes from yoga's massage from the inside out, or a session of guided meditation to bring mental ease and the simple tools on how to find it, these sessions provide fresh and distinctive ways to move deeper, as well as beyond your own expectations. 

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